Co Browsing to Help Teach Customers How to Use Self-service

LiveLOOK announces the first ever stand-alone no-download Co Browsing web collaboration software letting users of content management self-service portals show their screens to someone for assistance. As consumers see less differentiation among products on the market, they are valuing their customer experiences to choose where to do business. According to Gartner Group, it costs $7.50 to handle a customer transaction with a rep and only $.50 via web self-service. But since 65% of customer self-service transactions end up with a customer service rep, there is clearly a need to assist customers in using self-service applications.

Already integrated with leading customer-interaction-centric products like RightNow and nGenera CIM (formerly Talisma), LiveLOOK services can now be integrated to an organization’s own self-service applications. With a simple eight lines of html code, customer service professionals can add Co Browsing capabilities to their custom portals and quickly differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Quicken Loans, the country’s #1 online mortgage lender, is another great example of multi-channel customer service. The company utilizes both LiveLOOK and online chat via Instant Service, to help clients find the right mortgage and then successfully sign their mortgage documents online. Quicken Loans mortgage bankers and client care specialists can help guide a person through electronically signing their mortgage documents, helping the client close their loan more quickly and easily.

LiveLOOK delivers the best customer experience on the market today. Unlike second-generation Co Browsing solutions, LiveLOOK truly operates with no download and never writes anything to the computer disk which means consumers do not have to click to accept up to five different warnings of the risk of bypassing their security systems of firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware and other security-related behavioral systems. In fact, some web collaboration systems operate exactly as malware does: downloading software onto a computer, writing to the disk and then erasing evidence it was ever there.

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