Excellent Customer Service – The Perfect Salon Marketing Tool

When people talk of advertising, they immediately tend to think about traditional tools like posters, fliers or even commercials. What those people fail to realize is that while those “gimmicks” are indeed helpful in bringing people in a salon or any business for that matter, they alone cannot make customers stay. In the long run, what counts is the experience you and your people give your customers. In short, excellent customer service is still the perfect beauty salon marketing tool.

Providing excellent customer service is relatively easy as far as salons are concerned. You just have to remember that people go into parlors/ salons to relax and to make themselves look and feel good. And, as long as you are doing your part to help them achieve their initial goals, then you are basically good to go. If you need more specific tips, then read on as we share a few to you.

1. The moment they come into your stall, give them a warm greeting and address them by their names if they are regulars. A simple smile and “how are you” will really go a long way.

2. Listen to your customers. They should not in any way be made to repeat what they want done. Your staff should also be ready to listen to your customer’s concerns should they feel the need to communicate to someone.

3. Give them the service they expect from you and maybe more. Almost everyone seeks for good service every where. So as long as you deliver or surpass their expectations, believe it or not, your customers are bound to come back to you all the time.

4. When they are about to leave, find time to talk to them and ask them how the service was. Doing this can work two ways, you can build rapport with them and at the same time, you can use their responses to further improve your services.

5. Lastly, as they walk out the door, thank them and send them out with another smile.

As long as you give your customers that treatment, you can be sure that they will speak praises of you. And as they give out testimonials, you can expect their friends, family members and patronize you as well.