Getting Winning First (and Succeeding) Impressions with Large Format Prints

In the first few seconds potential customers spend looking at your store on a busy day, they can already build positive or negative perceptions that will last them a very long time. With large format posters printing, you can afford to take second chances on first impressions.

These large format posters are so easy to print and mount that you can renovate and update the look of your store as often as you want. Whether you need window signs or banner stands for your store front, or floor to ceiling wall wraps, large format printing companies can provide your printing needs.

o Coated and Uncoated Paper

When you want to advertise indoors or have a few large pieces you can display behind a glass frame, you can use the 14 pt paper stock. It comes in the coated and uncoated variety you can use to decide the texture and gloss you want for your print. The coated variety gives you a higher gloss and more protection from harsh sunlight and water damage.

o Artist Canvas

If the regular paper material strikes you as too common, you can have your graphic design or favorite photographs printed on artist canvas. This is the same fabric material painters use for their oil paintings, and can give you the same raw look. You can even request for a two inch allowance that will prove helpful when you mount your piece on to a wooden back.

o Vinyl Banners

Vinyl is a versatile material that can be used for both indoors and outdoors in a variety of ways. This is made of synthetic material making it durable against many damaging elements of the outdoor environment.

For outdoor use, you can use vinyl for extra large banners or streamers to hang outside your store. These can be fitted with grommets or steel rings you can use to hang your streamer from one side to the other. You can also use banner stands for smaller vertical pieces your product list or special offers can be printed on.

Indoors, the vinyl banner can be printed in big or small pieces. Larger pieces can be printed with an adhesive back making it easier to attach to any flat surface.

o Window Signs

Window signs also known as static cling is printed on thin plastic that attaches itself statically on to a glass surface. And because it doesn’t use adhesives, it can be removed and re-attached easily letting you reposition your design. The window sign can be printed on a transparent or opaque material depending on what you want to achieve with your prints.

Your large format prints come in a variety of materials that can adjust to any given environment. There is the inexpensive paper material you can use for indoor posters, synthetic vinyl for outdoor use, and the artist canvas to give it an artistic flair.

Large format posters printing can come in small pieces or extra large sizes. Each material has its own minimum and maximum size you can consult with a large format printing company.