Movie Script Writing

Movie script writing has become quite competitive, and many aspiring movie script writers become disappointed if they cannot sell their script. Practice and dedication can provide you with an advantage. Even some of the most well-known and successful script writers had to write several screenplays before one ever went to production.

Since their inception, movies have continued to enthrall audiences the world over. Irrespective of gender, age, or ethnic group, people enjoy watching movies, but few realize that the movie was the brainchild of a screenwriter. Whether it is Hollywood or Mumbai, movie script writing is an art form that requires patience, perseverance, and practice. Being creative and imaginative while staying in tune with the rules of the game is the corner stone for building a screenplay that not only sells but becomes a blockbuster.

The boom in the cinematic industry has laid greater emphasis on movie script writing today. Compelling screenwriters can mesmerize viewers with stories that may be etched in their minds for their lifetime. After undergoing training in creative writing and preferably a course in script writing from a reputed university, anyone with a flair for writing can take up writing for the big screen. You can even learn screenwriting without taking courses or having formal training. Simply read scripts and watch movies critically.

There are plenty of libraries that stock old and new scripts. A good screenplay has a well-planned, sequential story structure. Developing an outline of the story before setting sail will help you write smoothly, eloquently, and confidently. Grabbing the attention of the audience early is important because they begin to empathize with the characters, eagerly wanting to know what comes next. It is this ‘hooking’ of the viewers which is the deciding factor in movie script writing. Imbue all the characters with realism. Perfect people do not exist in reality and nor should they in screenplays. Moreover, their flaws make the story exciting.

Movie script writing can be highly glorifying and packaged with a fat pay check and a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Finding a mentor to provide useful tips will be of great help. Using appropriate software to assist in script writing can cut down on the time and effort needed to format the script. Establishing a network of contacts will also help, but only if you can first write a good script. Participating in script writing forums will aid you in generating new ideas and evaluating your script.

A rewarding profession, movie script writing is gaining in popularity. There is a growing demand for movie screenplays, but with increased competition, mediocre and melodramatic movie scripts are a dime a dozen. However, a film script with powerful characters, proper structure, and at least two subplots to vary the pace and tone, is rarer and in greater demand. Learn to write the latter!