Three Areas You Must Handle Personally in Your Network Marketing Business

If you are into network marketing, it is not a bad idea to delegate some work to others and to team members. It takes a lot of load off your shoulders, without affecting the success of your business. Yes, this is true and this idea is so well loved by network marketers!

By delegating some duties, you can leverage on other people’s time as well as expertise on things that you might probably not be good at. This gives you much more time to focus on the core responsibilities which are after all, more crucial to the overall success of your network marketing business. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to sit back, relax and watch as your team grow through auto pilots and as more and more money go into your bank account. The idea seems all too perfect!

Realistically though, something like that will not happen with just a blink of an eye. That said, let me move on to the main idea of this article.

While there are some aspects that you can safely delegate to others, there are 3 important areas that should NEVER be delegated. Obviously, these three things are most crucial in the success of any network marketing organization.

1. NEVER delegate leadership.

First of all, do not confuse leadership with management. They can be related but they are two very different areas. Management is simply making sure that all the bits and pieces in the organization come together and everything goes as they should be.

Leadership, on the other hand, is much more serious. It is knowing what should be expected in the organization and to gear the members in such a way that everyone is working in the right direction.

Leadership comes in two forms; you may either be a true leader or a dictator. A true leader is one who influences his team by actually serving them, while a dictator is one who wants only to be served. I would not go on about this as I assume you already know what the difference is between a good and a bad leader. But what I want to point out is that you should lead by influence and service; by virtue of good example.

In network marketing, leadership is one of the vital factors that affect the growth of your team. Additional members and downlines will tend to look up to you so make sure you deserve every inch of it. If you do not think you have what it takes to be a good leader, do not worry just yet. Leadership is something that you learn through time and experience. You just have to change some old ways and instill a brand new mindset, both of which might be difficult to do at first.

Again, do not delegate leadership. If you do so, your team would most likely shatter into unrecoverable pieces.

2. NEVER delegate establishing your network marketing team culture.

Each network marketing business has its own culture – its own set of core values, principles and attitudes that make up the identity of the organization. A part of the reality of the network marketing industry are the bad MLM companies – those whose business is based on unethical ways. Still, some legitimate companies are made up of pushy sales people who resort to desperate and annoying measures to recruit others.

The things that members do affect the culture of your team. Thus, if you want your network marketing organization to have a good image, you need to make sure that everyone does everything the right way. You have to stay on top and be in charge of setting a sales style and marketing culture that would be beneficial for the entire company. Never ask someone else to do this for you.

3. NEVER delegate team building efforts.

Much has been said about duplication in network marketing. Word has it that if everyone copies what every successful network marketer does, the organization would reach amazing heights in no time. Let’s face it though, not everyone has what it takes to do the same.

People come from different backgrounds, each have their own habits and mindsets. We can never assume that each member who joins the team has the ability to do what you would expect them to do. Thus, do not rely on your team to build your organization for you. While some can draw in a number of downlines or generate leads for you, you should not stop being vigilant about continuously expanding your team. This way, you also set a good example to the rest of the organization.

So there goes the three main things that you should handle personally in your network marketing business. This does not mean however, that you do not ask help in these areas. By all means, do so! But make sure that you stay on top of these areas.