Training In Recruitment Starts With These 6 Zen Habits

Recruitment training for any recruiter will start by cultivating a range of good habits that are time tested to produce results. These can be both work and personal. Remember one impacts the other when it comes to our performance.

1 Decide what you want and keep the target in your line of vision

So often people get mixed results because they send out mixed messages. A certain IT guru called Bill Gates had absolute clarity and purpose about what he wanted to achieve. He is a human being just like us.

2. Manage your energy

Results are all about how much energy you have and how you use it. As Men and Women we are made up in a certain way we need food, water, rest and relaxation to perform. Working for four and five hours without a break has been statistically demonstrated to impact performance. Much better to work in blocks of 90 minutes followed by a break if you want to perform at your peak.

3. Take holidays

Regular and frequent holidays will bring benefits in many areas of your life let alone at home with your significant other. After a period of relaxation our brains seem to work overtime with creative ideas. Think about it. I know you will have had that experience. What happens is we get ‘head space’ which allows the ideas bubbling away beneath the surface to rise up and make themselves known.

4. Focus on being accountable

This is something that I do on a regular basis. I too invest in training and mentoring and every week I have to account for what has happened and what my next 7 day focus will be. There is no judgement just information. It is interesting that when I commit to certain actions and events subconsciously my mind gets to start work on them. When I review what has happened at the end of the week I seem to noticeably achieve more.

5. Focus on the big stuff

It is so easy to focus activities on the wrong things that don’t always produce the results we want. As humans we are wired to achieve so there is nothing better than ticking 20 thing’s off your ‘to do’ list. The truth is it feels nice and the question I have for you is; “what results did it produce?” Deleting a load of old emails may feel good. Yet if you had spent time with one of your team members helping them plan for a candidate interview or client pitch the long term rewards might be greater than the momentary relief of an empty inbox.

6. Believe you are enough

Why? Because you are. One of the biggest blocks companies have to their growth is having people in place that can deliver. The thing that is worse is that most companies do, they just have people on their team that don’t believe in themselves. This is a real epidemic and not just in the UK either. The reality is that if you had the idea to move into recruitment in the first place and then got promoted